Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It's about the same size as the 48 mainland states of the USA and 50 per cent larger than Europe, but has the lowest population density in the world - only two people per square kilometer. Australia is the only nation to govern an entire continent and its outlying islands. The mainland is the largest island and the world's smallest, flattest continent.

New South Wales
Savor fine dining, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or take a backstage tour of the famous Opera House. All are possible in the visitor-friendly city of Sydney. When its time to leave the well-trodden tourist trails behind, head westward to the Blue Mountains and unlock a piece of Australia you never knew existed.

With its beautiful boulevards, gracious parks, and elegant architecture, Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is Australia’s most European city and one of the easiest to navigate. A free tram service loops the downtown, water taxis ply the Yarra River, and buses go just about everywhere and run often.

Northern Territory
Experience the "real Australia" in the vast, rugged land of the Northern Territory. Home to Australia's nomadic, artistic, and deeply spiritual Aboriginal people, sites such as Uluru, Ayers Rock, date back thousands of years and are decorated with paintings and carving from the native tribes.

The Great Barrier Reef, stunning Gold Coast beaches, and luxurious resorts make Queensland an unparalleled tropical jewel. For a mountaintop experience, take the Kuranda Rail up one of Far North Queensland's most impressive peaks, or travel into and over the rainforest by gondola.

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